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My name is Sean Bordeaux. I am 29 years old, engaged and father to 4 beautiful girls. I am a San Diego (East County) native and graduated from Valhalla High School in 2000. I met Michelle when I was a truck driver. She was a manager at one of the stores on my delivery route. We saw each other a few times before she got the nerve to ask one of her coworkers to get my number. I moved to Chicago so that we could be together and we have been in love ever since.

Brittany (19) is our oldest. She graduated High School last year and is looking to attend college this Fall after taking a year off from school. She is wanting to major in Chemistry or English...but I think "undecided" is a safe bet.

Brooklyn (10) is finishing up the 4th grade. She is a high honor roll student who enjoys cheering for the Burbank Titans. She is a sweetheart who wants nothing more than to help and make others happy.

Trinity (5) is gearing up for kindergarten next Fall. She has grown up fast and is very active. She runs 240 miles per hour from the minute she wakes up till she finally falls asleep again. She love to cook and help in the kitchen whenever she can! I think she will be the one to take over the "family business" when I am old and gray.

Payton (1) is my little mini-me. She is a very happy baby and is always looking to get into something. You cant help but smile when she looks at you with her big blue eyes.

I have done just about everything from landscaping to truck driving. Nothing has ever been able give me satisfaction that I would love to have in a career. I started decorating cakes by accident. It has turned into a passion...something that both enjoy doing and feel I am good at. I am currently attending the University of Phoenix as a business major. Starting this fall 2010 I will transfer to our local community college and begin taking culinary classes.

Short term goal: I would like to be hired in an established bakery so I can learn everything I can in a real world setting while attending culinary school.

Long term goal: I would like to make "The Sugar High Cakery" become a reality by opening a bakery of my very own!
Please feel free to join my blog by becoming a follower and comment as you see fit. I am at the beginning of this adventure and would love to have the support from my readers!


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