I'm Back...

It has been a long time since my last post. But I am back now and will be creating more cakes in the coming days and months. Stay tuned...

On deck.... "Mustache Cake" for a Mustache themed birthday party...this should be fun...
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Trinity's Princess Cake

This is an interpretative cake...you have to use your imagination. I was not able to get the "castle kit" to make the princess castle cake nor did I have the time to build one my self. Michelle found some Disney figurines and tiara party favors at the store. She also found the "cake topper". The princess 'dances' and it plays music. It fit perfectly on top of the 6" cake.

Danielle's Birthday Cake

Some how I over looked adding this cake in earlier. This cake was created for Danielle's 13th birthday last month. I was very pleased with how the cake came out. Everything cooperated and was perfect. I am very proud of my work here.

YIKES!! 100% Humidity!

I created a fun graduation cake for Jackie and Amanda this past weekend. The party was outdoors and it was hot hot HOT! 90 degrees and 100% humidity! It became apparent very quickly that cakes + fondant + high humidity = scary situation.

The poor cake was melting, fast! The 'shooting stars' began to curl and the butter cream filling was making the layers shift. Thankfully there were no disasters and the cake was served without incident.


Anyone who knows me, knows that my biggest fear is snakes. I hate them! So you can imagine how 'excited' I was to make a snake cake. Last month my best friend, Danielle, was having a 4-in-1 party and asked if I could make CJ's birthday cake...only stipulation - incorporate a snake. BLAH!

Sugar High Honors!

...we interrupt our regularly scheduled programing to bring you some breaking news...

A huge THANK YOU to Lindsay and her Blog Directory! After submitting The Sugar High Cakery to the directory for review, Lindsay contacted me offering to make this blog featured on the directory! WOW!!

Please take a moment and visit Lindsay's cake decorating blog directory. There are lots of awesome blogs about "everything cakes" found there. Recipes. Stories. Techniques. It has it all!! 

Thanks again Lindsay!

...we will now return to our regularly scheduled programing...


In the Community...

I was asked by Brooklyn's Girl Scout Troop to come in and give a cake decorating lesson. I suggested that we do it right before Mother's Day so the girls could take a cake home to Mom. I selected a basic design that every girl could create. The catch was there was only 2 hours to complete 17 cakes. READY? GO!

I baked all 17 two-layer 8" cakes at home. I made upwards of 30 pounds of fondant, and a massive amount of butter cream. Once I got to the school, I set up stations: fondant rolling and decorating. Due to the time, I had to fill and crumb coat all of the cakes.

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