Anyone who knows me, knows that my biggest fear is snakes. I hate them! So you can imagine how 'excited' I was to make a snake cake. Last month my best friend, Danielle, was having a 4-in-1 party and asked if I could make CJ's birthday cake...only stipulation - incorporate a snake. BLAH!

Many ideas had run through my head for the cake, however time was short and I did not want to get too adventurous. I decided on a 2 tier cake, with a snake slithering up the cake. I decided to apply graham cracker crumbs to the butter cream to simulate sand. then accented the tiers with a "grass" boarder. The snake was just rolled fondant that I set on the cake and held in place with toothpicks. I then painted the brown random designs to match CJ's real snake.

Note: if you ever plan on using graham cracker crumbs to create the sand look and you plan on piping butter cream over it, the butter cream will not stick. This is probably a no-brainer for most...but I had to learn it the hard way.

Hope you have enjoyed this...it scares me...Last I heard, CJ still has the fondant snake head from this cake.


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Jessica Moe said...

Super cool! I love how the snake wraps around the tiers.

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