Once again, I bit off more than I could chew with this cake! I went idea hunting and found a very nice 3 tier princess cake. All three tiers were tapered and with the top being "quilted". Gorgeous cake! I attempted it...

Shaping cakes is easy to do in theory...but when the knife touches the cake you quickly realize there is no turning back - no do-overs. I was happy with the shape of the bottom 2 tiers; however, the top "quilted" tier was a disaster! I did not even get the chance to try the quilting technique as I had binned the poor cake.

So once again I was back to a 2 tier cake. The outcome was nice though. Brooklyn loved her cake and all of her friends want the same cake for their birthday. One thing I did learn from this was, if a client gives you full creative freedom to make whatever you want for them, if a particular element does not make it onto the cake they will never know (unless you start a tell-all blog - my secrets are

So I guess that makes the score: Whimsy Cakes - 2, Sean - 0

I will revisit this cake and the Topsy Turvy again in the future! As always, I hope you are enjoying the stories. Please comment on anything you like (or don't like) so I know you are out there. What do you think of the new blog layout....pretty nice I think.

Ok....I have 20 pounds of fondant to go make...until next time!


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