Easter Cake

I still cant figure out how I don't have the final picture of this cake. But I digress...

Our Easter cake marked a couple of firsts for me.
  1. Basket weave - something I have put off for a long time...but quickly learned there is nothing to it. I would suggest to anyone new to decorating that is going to attempt a basket weave - crumb coat the cake in the same color you are going to make your basket in.
  2. Cereal Treats - I made the easter eggs out of cereal treats. Originally I was going to wrap the eggs in fondant and pipe decorations on them. However, I did not have any fondant premade in the fridge and I was far to lazy after finishing the basket weave. I just frosted them instead. 
  3. Not taking more pictures of the finished cake.....I still can't believe that! Sheesh!

It was not what I had planned exactly, but the kids and guest liked it! It was a very festive centerpiece on the dinner table. 

Thanks for stopping by again! I am really glad you are here sharing in this experience with me.

Until next time...



Jessica Moe said...

I just love how the eggs were cereal treats! How cool to be able to separate those from the cake itself. Impressive!

Sean Bordeaux said...

It would have been much better had I wrapped them in fondant...I just got lazy.

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