YIKES!! 100% Humidity!

I created a fun graduation cake for Jackie and Amanda this past weekend. The party was outdoors and it was hot hot HOT! 90 degrees and 100% humidity! It became apparent very quickly that cakes + fondant + high humidity = scary situation.

The poor cake was melting, fast! The 'shooting stars' began to curl and the butter cream filling was making the layers shift. Thankfully there were no disasters and the cake was served without incident.

Anyone that has worked with fondant knows the red is a very difficult color to make. I was very pleased with the deep red i achieved for this cake. The school colors were Red, White and Black. Once again I incorporated black into the cake via the shell boarder. I think this was effective and made the Red pop right off the cake.

I think the cake turned out well despite the moisture issue that mother nature threw at us. Please become a follower of this blog so you can have notification of new posts! I look forward to meeting new people and getting feedback from all of my readers!

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Jessica Moe said...

This is amazing. I'm super impressed by the use of red. Wow! I would imagine it would be hard to get the color ot be even and not bleed out onto the white...I don't know how these things work exactly but seriously good job, very bold!

Sean Bordeaux said...

Red is a very difficult color to make. Even on this cake the fondant was a dark pink. I had to use a mixture of red gel color, clear vanilla extract and red luster dust then paint the mixture on to get it all the way to deep red. As far as bleeding, once the gels are worked into the fondant its pretty much locked in. The colors will not bleed unless the fondant is wet.

wjbowden3 said...

Totally Awesome looking cakes,, Is it fondant or modeling chocolate on ,it , and thank you very muchfor following our blog,

Sean Bordeaux said...

I make my own Marshmallow fondant. The recipe I use is posted at the top of the page on the MM Fondant tab.

You are very welcome for adding your blog to my followings...thanks for stopping by!

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