Trinity's Princess Cake

This is an interpretative have to use your imagination. I was not able to get the "castle kit" to make the princess castle cake nor did I have the time to build one my self. Michelle found some Disney figurines and tiara party favors at the store. She also found the "cake topper". The princess 'dances' and it plays music. It fit perfectly on top of the 6" cake.

The bottom tier is supposed to be representative of water. The middle tier is supposed to mimic doorways leading to balconies that the princesses are standing on. The top tier is the top window of a castle tower. This was the first time I made and worked with boiled icing. Amazing stuff and very nice to work with. This cake features banana fondant. Tasted like banana Laffy Taffy. This was the first time I experienced people wanting more cake to actually eat the fondant!

Trinity really loved her cake! I had a lot of fun making it and trying new things. Now that I have been exposed to boiled icing, I want to start working on stringwork. Guess its time for some practice cakes again!

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Jessica Moe said...

This is so awesome. I love how you improvised. Look how thrilled she is! I'd love to taste the yummy fondant--usually I hate it but it sounds so good :-)

Crafty Sugar said...

Hi Sean, I've just finished reading your blog and I just wanted to say well done!!!Maybe you can answer this question for me since you also do this...why don't people reply to comments left for them?

Take care


Sean Bordeaux said...

@ Jess - I hate fondant...but this banana fondant is so good!

@Crafty Sugar - That's a good question! I look forward to reading comments from visitors. Thanks for adding Sugar High to your followings!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I dropped by reading your reply on one of the discussion boards on FB. Well, first of all thanks for sharing about your family, you have lovely daughters indeed. The cake appears to be delicious! Way to go!

Keep Smiling:)

Jenniffer said...

This is such a cute cake! You did a great job on it!

Sean Bordeaux said...

@Jennifer Thank you very much!

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