Practice makes perfect

I had to ditch the plastic sandwich pastry bag...and fast. I found myself at Michael's to procure some much needed tools. I did not want to spend a lot of money on cake tools as this was just a hobby for me. I picked up a few tips and real pastry bags. I also got the workbook for the Wilton cake decorating course.

Over the next few weeks I practiced decorating cakes with some tricks I learned from YouTube videos and the Wilton workbook. I surprised myself with the outcome of the practice sessions. I know they are not Food Network worthy cakes; however, they are mine and I was officially hooked!

The Grapevine Cake. This was my first cake using proper tools. I pulled the idea for this cake from the Wilton workbook. I very quickly realized that decorating with butter cream was much harder to do than it looked. Overall I was pleased with this cake and was eager to learn more and make another.

The Floral Cake. I looks like a floral shop exploded on this cake! I was trying to practice floral techniques. Roses are by far the most difficult to make..for me anyways. I continue to have problems with them to this day. Hopefully, I will receive formal training at some point to master them as learning from a book has been very difficult. The flowers around the boarder are called drop flowers and are created with a tip in one smooth motion...very easy. As with the Grapevine Cake, I still had not mastered making a traditional shell boarder, so I opted for the easier stars. 
Side note: I have uploaded a lot of my cakes to a website called The site provides cake decorators of all skill levels to share creations and recipes. This floral cake received more views and comments than any of my other cakes. Go figure the cake I hate the most, has been the favorite to many others.

The Crop Circle Cake. This is last cake I will share with you on this post. It was made as a special request from Michelle. At the time we both were big into playing the game FarmTown on Facebook. (big thanks to my mom for getting us hooked into Anyways, she wanted a farm cake, so this is what I came up with. There had actually been a crop circle cake I had seen online at one point, so it thought this would be a perfect opportunity to recreate it. This cake was another big hit with the kids and on It was a lot of fun to make!

Well, that it for this edition of "As the Cake Turntable Spins"! Thanks for stopping by and come back again soon!


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Jessica Moe said...

oh my goodness! I know the other types of cakes are really en vogue right now but these are soo special! Love the flower one as an example of roses. You did a beautiful job with the leaves too!

I also adore the little carrots on the crop circle cake.

What a FUN hobby!

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