Our good friend Priscilla asked if I would make a cake for her daughter's birthday. She gave me full creative freedom, just asked that purple, black and white be incorporated into the design. In my mind I thought that purple and white would be no problem....but black?! I had never even made the color black.

I did attempt to make black fondant! It proved impossible. Even using gel color, the amount needed to change the color to jet black was turning the fondant into a gummy mess, and I think anyone that had eaten it would have had black teeth for weeks. 

...Back to the drawing board...

Michelle had come up with the idea of making the shell boarder black to separate the layers. EUREKA! What a great idea. The butter cream was difficult to bring to black, but I kept working at it and found mixing purple and black gels made a perfect jet black. At any rate, this cake still came with a disclaimer to avoid eating the black icing or discolored lips and mouths would ensue.

I also experimented with "shimmer dust". This stuff is expensive but well worth the cost and time it takes to apply. You almost needed sunglasses to look directly at this cake (well that may be an exaggeration...but it was beautiful). Another new addition that this cake helped add to my repertoire were the "shooting stars". They were made out of fondant and applied to the cake with floral wire. Pretty nice effect!

Well thats the story behind this cake....I am trying to get you all caught up. I should have started this blog 2 years ago. I do have a graduation cake to make for this Saturday, then a birthday cake and another graduation cake. I will try to get some more of the old ones posted before I add the new.

Thanks for reading!


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Priscilla said...

The cake Sean baked for my daughter's birthday was almost to pretty to eat but I am glad we did because it was just as good! He is very creative!

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